Program Calendar Season 2
Every Saturday on Rinse France
8PM – 10PM CET.

Growing its relationship with Rinse France into a new chapter, CIRCA is shaping a new season as a musically driven cycle of innovation and insight into the ever evolving Latin American musical and cultural scenes.

Started in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic as an initiative that aimed to bring focus to places and artists in Latin America and their interpretations of electronic music and arts, CIRCA Season 2 will continue to shed a light on the incredible creativity and resilience that flows through artistic communities in Latin America. Having taken its listeners on a journey across over ten subgenres from across the continent, the first season of the CIRCA show embodied the guiding principle of NSNS: to bring closeness between the multiplicity of visions and latitudes.

Full calendar and info about artists here.


CIRCA 11: 17 October 2020 with Kakubo

CIRCA 12: 24 October 2020 with Guerillia Tunes

CIRCA 13: 30 October 2020 with RHR

CIRCA 14: 07 November 2020 with Amanda Mussi & Miwi

CIRCA 15: 14 November 2020 with Aeondelit + Mari Herzer

CIRCA 16: 21 November 2020 with SGAB x ADMV

CIRCA 17: 28 November 2020 with IME Chile

CIRCA 18: 05 December 2020 with Diamin, Joaquina S., Vecina.Red presenting Endémic Species

CIRCA 19: 12 December 2020 with Saló

CIRCA 20: 19 December 2020 with Chamanoar

CIRCA 21: 26 December 2020 Cosmo Lopez

CIRCA 22: 09 January 2021 with Cherolainne

CIRCA 23: 16 January 2020 with Efe Ce Ele

CIRCA 24: 23 January 2021 with g13ck

CIRCA 25: 30 January 2020 with Monopolar


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