Bringing together a variety of collectives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, CIRCA was created to bring closeness between a multiplicity of visions and latitudes across LATAM. The project was started during the Covid-19 pandemic as an initiative that aimed to bring focus to places and artists in Latin America and their interpretations of electronic music and arts on a weekly base on Rinse France.

Having taken its listeners on a journey across ten subgenres from across the continent, the first season of the CIRCA show embodied the guiding principle of NSNS: to bring closeness between the multiplicity of visions and latitudes. Varying from genres such as instrumental, folkloric, jazz, to experimental and electronic music, CIRCA emphasizes the many intersections that came through this colorful mix of musical interpretations of heritage.

Alongside the CIRCA radio show, NSNS provides a cohesive experience between the showcased artists with talks, visuals, mixes, feature articles and recommendations – shaping a solidary track on the musical map and connecting the threads creatively between them.

Circa Season 1 Archive Mixcloud | Circa Season 1 Archive Youtube

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