Anastasija Kocevska

Process, Energy, and Feeling. The Photographer Capturing MEAT, a Project by Naomi Kaja questioning the symbolic meaning of the female body.

Flora Yin-Wong

Maerzmusik Special: Flora Yin-Wong on TIMEPIECE, sonics and the archaic and eerie aspect of physical clocks.

Cosmo Lopez

Cosmo Lopez – “In some way or another, by helping your peers the scene grows stronger.”

Ela Minus

Ela Minus: Music, the act of rebellion, reflection and sacrifice.


Chino (We Are Radar / Unsound Festival) – On keeping hi-tech dreams and lo-fi reality, Autostrada and Krakow.

Toto Friedlaender

A conversation with Chilean artist and music teacher, Toto Friedlaender.

Arturo Mejía aka Kodemul

In conversation with Arturo Mejía aka Kodemul (Por Detroit, Mexico City)


Acaptcha – where sharing is caring.


Deadbeat “Let the lightning come and strike you!”


Bambounou: “I just put out weird music”

Vatican Shadow

Vatican Shadow : Keeping the Underground Alive (Long Read).


Stenny on the importance of community and struggle to do the right thing.

M.E.S.H | Tomás Urquieta | Nico

The Art of Friendship


Pessimist: “It’s so nice not to be just your name, to be free”.

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