MASTERplano is Carol Mattos, Belisa, Escarrbe, João Nogueira, Lagoeiro, Pedropedro, Romana & Supololo

MASTERplano is a nomadic club space and music collective that has been operating in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, since the year of 2015. The project celebrates clubbing as a tool for reclaiming spaces and instigating encounters, debates and insurgencies.

MASTERplano was created by eight artists from Belo Horizonte — the third largest metropolitan area in Brazil — who got together in order to promote and use queer raves as a resource to rediscover the city and its spaces. By articulating music, art and architecture with a social and political agenda (approaching topics such as gender activism, sexuality, inclusivity and the very form of cultural production) the group invites the public to experiment and collectively build hybrid spaces that blur conventional boundaries, such as the ones between institutional spaces and the public realm, or entertainment and activism.

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Before MASTERplano was founded, clubbing in Belo Horizonte was inaccessible  and exclusive of most of its population; events were expensive to attend and  generally unwelcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. As a response to that, the group of people who would later become members of the collective decided to experiment with another way of partying and socializing in the city.


João Noguiera

Circa tracing sounds of Latin America with João Nogueira the Belo Horizonte-based DJ and producer. He is one of the minds behind MASTERplano and also a resident DJ at Deputamadre Club — the most iconic underground club in town. Apart from being one of the key figures in Belo Horizonte’s club scene, João Nogueira has also performed at clubs, warehouse parties and festivals all over Brazil over the past years. As a DJ, João Nogueira invites us into a deep and weird journey, exploring multiple blends of grooves with a sweet and psychedelic touch.

Soundcloud: @joaonogueiramusic


Our first Circa show from 2021/04/15 with Romana, one of the minds behind MASTERplano, the creatives collective and platform from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She is also one of the founders and curators of Brazil’s label A-MIG, sharing a place for rarities and unique productions from Brazilian producers.

Instragram: @romanabreu


More info on MasterPlano via Instagram

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