Server feat. Saló – Contenedor de Traumas

Contenedor de Traumas (Soma Publicaciones, 2019) is an intimate and dark fanzine, in which peruvian psychologist Sara La Torre wrote about her experiences with terminal patients in a neoplastic hospital. A year later, her texts fueled the inspiration of synth punk duo Server, in collaboration with the heir of Lima’s electronic underground scene Saló, which led to an exploration of death and the process of mourning through sound. Today, that exploration becomes a new music video directed by the visual artist, Tomás Orrego.

Contenedor de Traumas is a visceral representation of death as an eternal cycle, where the only objective for the creation of a being is it’s own destruction. During this process, Tomás Orrego  explored aesthetics such as cyberpunk and horror through digital animation: Fetuses floating on digital meshes, factories that regurgitate organic tissues, mechanical insects that devour beings before an audience of voyeuristic robots are part of the dystopian and perverse future proposed by the artist. In addition, it should be noted that the aesthetic used is an extension of the graphic elements used in the logo and the art of the single’s cover, made by local designer Aarón Julian. Its color palette with tones that suggested rust and wear, as well as the mechanical forms that make it up, were used as basic construction pieces to recreate the various elements, characters and settings that star in the video.

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