10 tracks selected by Daniel Klauser (Magia Blanca, TectónicaMag)

As a DJ, producer, and platform owner of TectónicaMag, Daniel is a key figure of the Chilean electronic music scene with a long history and list of works, creations, and music curations. With international appearances on programs like @Latitudes Latam, Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio, and Rinse France, he made a name for himself throughout the years pushing music and the culture continuously forward. Today he shares with us 10 tracks that have recently been released by Chilean artists and colleagues on Labels such as the infamous Discos Pato Carlos by TFried, Les Yeux Orange, and many more. Browse through a list from lo-fi house to deep house, industrial synth pop, electronica, and more accompanied by personal words of Daniel about each release and its makers. 

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Nekomata4422 – Abrir

Nekomata4422 presents his first EP released in independent distribution. Under the title “Desadormecerse” (Fall asleep) this EP is a nice charge of Lo-Fi House and Deep Techno with interesting psychedelic views. Nekomata4422 from Santiago de Chile, it one of the names, we have to keep our eyes and ears on.


Haitiwaves – Panamericana Sur

We turn towards Industrial and Synth Wave productions. Haitiwaves presents a 24 minutes EP under homonym titled. This material is a lab-experiment-sound with a collaboration on the Mixing and Mastering by Chilean Producer Vnzo. This is for sure a special material that belong to the Industrial, Techno and Synth lovers scene from Santiago de Chile. 

Julio Pablo – Dios del fuego

Julio Pablo presents “Palmira”, a seven tracks EP, released by the Chilen-Argentinean label Emociones Discos. This whole EP it a sweet trip of drum machines, synths and soft vocal melodies capturing an obscure Synth-Pop from Santiago’s downtown anthem.

Bvha – Oh Quietud

Minimal and Deep Techno duo, Bvha, drops this material on Chilean Label Halcxn. Siego is a 5 tracks EP with remixes that belong to the local producers Fantasna and Lorelei.

Paula Tape Vs Giuseppe Leonardi – Del Mar

Chilean Dj/Producer based in Italia, Paula Tape, presents this beautiful material in collaboration with Giuseppe Leonardi (Music From Memory). The track ‘Del Mar’ is a super Funky track, with Spanish vocal leads and dreamy synthesizers. This track is part of the recently published compilation BS RADIO VOLUME 01 – COMPILED BY ETERNAL LOVE.


TFried – Wild Jam

From Concepción, Chile, TFried drops this bomb charged with Breakbeats, Dub and Psycodelic elements. Wild Jam it part of his album “A Sangre Fria” released by Discos Pato Carlos.


Andrea Paz – Bali (Diegors Remix)

This is part of the Remixes EP of Cruz Dimensional. Andrea Paz’s “debut-like” producer on her own Discos Pato Carlos. This material contains remixes of Diegors, Al Qaedans, Roberta Von and Happy 707.

Russell – Wavesvision

Recently released on cassette by the experimental label ETCS Records, this material is another way on the classic Electro and Techno sound of the Chilean producer Russell. ‘La Ausencia Causa Olvido’, is an 11 tracks album traveling around the Ambient and Down Tempo giving us a fresh air of organic textures.

Vnzo – Nadie esta olvidado

Released on cassette by the industrial and techno producer Vnzo, this material is a protest manifesto remembering the political prisoners and dead people from the military dictatorship of Pinochet. Chile is still fighting for the end of the Pinochet’s constitution with many protests and revolts around all the country.

Dr. C – Ghana

Chilean musician and Berlin based, Jorge C, released this beautiful experimental soundscape under the alias Dr.C. This production has a 58 minutes total length in CD format and contains field recordings, samples and instruments played live, including Shakuhachi and Gagaku music from Japan plus Pachinko Arcade samples, the Chinese Gugin, the Tingklik Bamboo-Percussion (from Bali), ancient Korean Music, Javanese Gamelan from Indonesia and sounds from Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies.


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