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highlighting essential local actors from the world of Electronic Music in Latin America

All material is available on Facebook, Youtube, Mixcloud and Soundcloud to re-listen.



Starting during Covid-19 in June 2020 CIRCA has taken its listeners on a journey across ten sub-genres from across the continent. Varying from genres such as instrumental, folkloric, jazz, to experimental and electronic music, CIRCA emphasizes the many intersections that came through this colorful mix of musical interpretations of heritage with 6h of Video and Audio performances, curated by creative groups and hosted on Rinse France on a weekly base. 



Growing its relationship with Rinse France into a new chapter, CIRCA has been shaping a second season as a musically driven cycle of innovation and insight into the ever evolving Latin American musical and cultural scenes. With 4h video and audio recordings from new places and artists we had a strong focus on visual artists this time. A cohesive experience between the showcased artists with talks, visuals, mixes, feature articles and recommendations shaped a solidary track on the musical map and connecting the threads creatively between them.



Coming with a brand new impulse and perspective, this third season is a result of careful investigation and questions around reach and support. We have taken notes as to how music can travel around the globe in a way that truly nurtures listeners, also improving the way we can approach and support the artists behind CIRCA and the multiplicity of their expressions. The results include a newsletter, weekly radio shows available for free on Mixcloud, talks, music suggestions and interviews that expand each program’s context. 



Feedback from listeners is the essential fuel that breathes life into CIRCA as a project and a support network. We appreciate and rejoice in the way listeners have shared and commented on the work of Latin American artists that have written, curated, photographed, videotaped, illustrated and produced the great works we gather around to see and hear.