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“Catching up with FOLD: Projects, Challenges and New Merch”

Cosmo Lopez has been around in the electronic music circle for quite a while. With a long history and long journey, we were curious about his perception of the current happenings, his 4.000 big record selection and his peers in Paraguay, where he is based. Starting as a kid playing music in bands, moving to London at a young age and following his intuition, he ended up staying for 8 years, with a 2 year stop in Berlin that has filled his life with music, people, experiences and a long list of strong achievements.

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FEFA – “Art was that starting point.”

My name is Fefa, I am 27 years old, I live in São Paulo/Brazil, and I am a body in constant movement, transformation, that is never in the same place. Transmutation has always been a presence within my existence, when I start to see myself as a body that is outside the cis-binary conceptions that the world was built on, I start to work with my powers. Art was that starting point so that my expression on how to fit into this world or expand or create a space for myself in it (or also create my own new world) was possible.

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