Acting as a shortcut, NSNS is a curatorial platform that connects like-minded beings from all over the world via culture. The term culture means not only what we sell, buy and consume, but on what we base strong values. We talk of inclusivity and of a comprehensive range of forms from art, music culture to social organization, and any type of creativity that has symbolic meaning.

A music-inspired return to what deserves attention – humanity.

We view music as the universal common ground and “cultural force” that brings individuals together. While the aim is to transcend borders and divisions, we stay inspired by our global-community, Mexico City and Latin America as a whole.

NSNS is a Latin America-based collaborative content platform under the umbrella of creative agency Endémico, created by Steve (German By Accident).

INDEPENDENCY: We are 100% independent with the help of Endémico on administrating and managing the platform. Voluntary payments and subscriptions to our channels on third party platforms like Mixcloud Select help us to be creative and flexible on our own ideas.

OUR NETWORK: NSNS’s network of contributors, partners, creatives, artists and thinkers is effectively spread all around the globe. From the middle of society to sub-groups, niche markets, mainstream, or the underground, we work with different cultures, languages and territories and find a common ground that we share via NSNS.

HOW WE FINANCE OURSELVES: Become a supporter and help to stabilize our infrastructure through a small amount. Our costs are: translations, contributors, internet accounts like Mixcloud, Adobe Illustrator etc. starting from 3 USD via Paypal we depend on readers and voluntary payments.

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Advertising coordinator: Sophie Kübler
Company name: Endémico Agency
Adresse: Zeppelin Str.6, 69121 Heidelberg
Contact: nsns@endemico.mx

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