Although she is unwilling to pin down a specific style to define her work, she is inclined to dark ambient and techno. Her music is a complex and evocative sonic experiment. In her mix-tapes she seamlessly integrates Classic House, Experimental Techno and Drum & Bass, and Breaks. She also draws influence from ambient, industrial and arabic music. Over the last two years her works appeared on compilations like Lowmute and Desembocadura, where she touches on subjects such as migration problems finding inspiration in film, art and literature. She launched her first EP Discromía in 2017 on Maladolescenza and her second EP Shimonoseki at the beginning of January 2020 via SNU. She is currently working on various collaborations and is about to release music on the Uk META MOTO record label, and Extasis Records.

Latest Releases 

STALKER EP consists of three tracks which are related to the era of technology and its scope.

First track entitled Сталкер (stalker), refers to Tarkovsky’s film inserting dialogues and addresses the subject of observation, voyeurism, and observing without letting the other know what is observed.

Second track, жертва (victim) refers to the object in which we become every day, to be observed several times by minds, eyes and intentions that we do not know.

Third track, будущее тело (Future Body) a collaboration with Step Baddy, who is the mysterious music project from an american artist/producer that pulls his influence from spiritual experiences and world travel. Step Baddys mix of reggaeton, metal, trap, and experimental electronic music consistently creates sonic landscapes that are sure to activate the soul and the hips, simultaneously. “Future Body,” is Step Baddy’s first release in collaboration with Viiaan that comes from a winter day in Nashville reminiscing a casual exploration of La Lagunilla market at Mexico City.


Picture by Arte Galleria Taller

1. DJ Unisex

„Dj Unisex“ is a 24 year old leipzig based musician. 

At the age of 12, whilst listening to many Punk, Noise and Wave bands he started playing instruments just as drums and guitars.

At the age of 18 his interest in electronic music started to grow, so he brought his first synthesizer, since then it expanded from his own bedroom productions to releases on different labels.

His own productions, as well as dj sets, range from Electro to more experimental ambient-ish Organic. 

He is part of „Rave Sport Activity, the Switzerland based Crew and Label where his debut EP was released, and part of Voragine’s Artist roster since 2018.