DJ Lost aka Douglas Brennan, the Berlin-based DJ played a feisty unreleased production of his back for our Community Effect series. We know him from HÖR Berlin where ADMV x SGBA played a freshly released production of his back in January. As someone with a 2000+ record collection, long-term experience on dance floors being part of London’s HTBX family. Being a big fan of Berlins large green spaces “I present to you a mix of downtempo electronica. Broken beats, ambient interludes & comedown cuts feature alongside airy, introspective & chillout tracks for pandemic people.”

How has 2021 been so far for you? 

I would love to be positive but mentally it’s been tough. I’m grateful for my physical health but the last 18 months have without doubt been the most challenging of my life.

Where are you based and what is the status quo there in the scene?

I’m based in Schillerkiez, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany, Europe, Planet Earth… and recently there’s hope in the air. 

What are you looking forward to?

Now Summer is dawning, I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors in nature; on my bicycle, in lakes and with friends. I’d love to visit family for the first time in ~2 years. Playing records & promoting events for people in a safe environment would also be nice.

What tracks do we find in your mix ?

I present to you a mix of downtempo electronica. Broken beats, ambient interludes & comedown cuts feature alongside airy, introspective & chillout tracks for pandemic people. While out, I love playing fast but a more low-key energy felt appropriate not just because this mix is for home listening, but also because perhaps the feelings with this music are those we can all relate to these days. There are more kick drums than you’d hear me playing at the ambient listening session I organise, Music for Airports, and less overall energy than if you heard me in the club. In other, simpler, words, this mix is a reflection of my recent mood. 

What tracks in the mix are special for you?

The first & last (Geche’s Moonface & Ose’s Ellipsis) are outstanding but I’d like to think each track included here is somehow special. This mix was a result of me (re-)discovering some downtempo grooves that had been kind of lost in my record collection. I recently digitally archived & reorganised my ~2,000 strong 12″s a) in order to sell some but also b) to reconnect with the less loved corners of my collection. It’s been a long but invigorating process. This mix is the first outcome thereof. 

How do you feel at the moment ?

Right now I feel hopeful, positive, warm, thoughtful & sober. Who knows how long any of these feels will last but let’s say today I’m grateful for all of them. I’m grateful to be sharing music with you & hope it resonates with some of you listeners. 

If you could greet someone or send a digital shoutout to, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Jeff Mills as no living musician has creatively influenced me more. Although this mix is quite gentle in terms of transitions, for the dancefloor I like to chop, shred & tear tracks together. The Wizard showed me the power behind this busier style of mixing and gave me the confidence to  play urgently & intensely when the situation calls. If my mixing style were to resemble anyone’s, it would be his. 

What mood of music or genre do you listen to at the moment in general?

I have always been the kind of guy to rifle through an array of genres, every day. Today for example, I awoke to ambient, lunched with boogie & cleaned to techno. On Sunday I came down to classical after having the night before dipped into electro, house & disco. I refuse to musically sit still and do not need loud sound systems to enjoy rave music (although it certainly helps)! That said, spending more time at home has deepened my appreciation for the gentler, softer strains of music.

What place or area in Berlin do you like the most these days and why?

The Rose Garden in Hasenheide, because I’m a hopeless romantic and when in bloom, nowehere smells so good! I’m just generally a big fan of Berlin’s large green spaces: Tegler Forst, Jungfernheide, Whulheide & of course Tempelhofer Feld are examples of some of the places that have provided space to recharge & reconnect with myself and nature. For me they’re essential in resetting the balance often offset by the trials and tribulations of club culture & life in Berlin’s music industry.