From Ecuador, FE has sent us a special mix for CIRCA. As co-founder of La Sagraria in Quito, Ecuador he is a creative, visual artist, curator and music producer. Just moving into a new studio, we are more than thrilled to welcome him on the show. 

Read a recent interview with Nicola Cruz and FE via Latitudes Latam here. 

Watch the latest video on Boiler Room together with colleague Nicola Cruz presenting a live performance, paired with self-produced visuals.

His work in the artists own words:

“My work is a relentless quest to understand the world. In every project, I get involved with, ideas, concepts, and knowledge change as an extension of my daily life. I am interested in starting from our present time, from how we inhabit our bodies, our society, our planet, and from there, each project becomes an active way to practice possible futures.

Experimentation is at the core of my creative process. I explore a broad variety of ways to create sounds and visuals across multiple mediums such as live audio-visual performances and installations.

We currently urgently need to develop new collective narratives. Therefore, critical thinking and imagination are the foundation of my practice to embrace the plural, diverse and transformative potential futures to coexist with all life forms on a planetary scale.
I deeply believe in creativity as disobedience as well as in unlearning as resistance.”

Picture by Arte Galleria Taller

FE’s Visual Art 

As co-founder of La Sagraria Club in Quito, Ecuador, the vibe and motto is to keep a balance between visual arts and the music(program).

In his 2018 exhibition ‘Exploara el Fin’ been presented to the public at +Arte Galeria he installed “… a permanent investigation on spirituality, rituals linked to the worldview and art, in which the human / nature relationship has a leading place. The set of pieces that are presented make a warning and force us to look and listen to the relationship with our natural and cultural environments.” – Arte + Gallery

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FE’s Music

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