DECEMBER 07, 2020

Usually holding a monthly gathering at KitKat Club Berlin, the queer collective is an important home and space for many artists and individuals. “We want to expose you to your own fears and pleasures by pushing you to understand how your own power mechanisms are produced. This is why we invite you to be GEGEN by performing your psychosis, by being the enemy of yourself, by thinking and being out of b/order and by destroying every rational thought.” Their latest work, a compilation of all-female produced tracks has just been released on their own imprint GEGEN Records and highlights female producers with heavy-hitters and strong beats from within the community.

The story continues and with this digital-only-release, we are turning to what GEGEN is best at: crossfading of queer social criticism with body politics with glimmering and dangerous beats. Flint*ernational explosion: GEGEN is thrilled to present you a massive line-up of all-female (and beyond) techno producers:

The German-Polish DJ-duo 2XNI uses an arrangement of distorted and disturbing voices, while Berlin-based legendary MONYA experiments with insane beats. Swedish Berlin-based MADWOMAN transplants us onto a raw but contemplative construction site and EASTEL’s industrial techno creates cascading waves of emotions. Producer and GEGEN resident MARTINA S pierces us with her hovering and hammering sounds, ESTHER DUIJN´s Dominatrix will whip our b/ass back to the 90´s groove. Multi-genre-talent LADY MARU shows how to express “Climate Rage” with acid techno and HYBRAL, with “Gegen Polizeigewalt”, not only increases the speed limit of their sound but also the pressure against current violence against POC. Let’s march ecstatically to the beats of all these different tunes. (Artwork of the compilation by Andrea Galad Facebook | Instagram)

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01. 2XNI – “Two X an I”
02. Monya – “Gegen Me Out”
03. madwoman – “Blush Rush”
04. Eastel – “Zadig”
05. Martina S. – “Karma Revenge”
06. Esther Duijn – “Dominatrix”
07. Lady Maru – “Climate Rage”
08. Hybral – “Gegen Polizeigewalt”

Produced by Gegen Records
Mastered by Gio / Artefacts Mastering
Distributed by News Distribution


Nicole and Anna are the german/polish DJ, live performer and producer duo 2XNI. They picks up on an influence that goes back to the 90 ́s underground and techno scene from Germany, Netherland and Belgium. Started DJing and the common passion for darker styles of electronic music inspired the two to make music together. In 2016 development began in style and production also they released the first EP “Allein“. In their work they use their own distorting and haunting vocals arrangements that give the 2XNI sound a mysterious and intriguing personal aspect.

They are characterised by an unmistakable use of vocal handling. They released tracks on the labels Insane Industry Recordings, Nu Body Records and Death by Rainbow and created remixes for acts like Ethan Fawkes, Furfriend and others. 2XNI blurring the lines between producer, remixer and DJ and played on stages like Zodiak Commune from the Netherlands, which has existed for over 20 years or the also long existing Techno and queer Party series „bang!“ in Oberhausen where there are residents. In 2019 they played at the Tresor West in Dortmund together with artists like Adam X and Erika & Antenes. In the same year they had her first Live performance for „Krachbar“ and convinced with a mix of distinctive melancholic melodies and her typical obscure vocals. They create a haunting and dramatic, imaginative moment.

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Originally from Poland Monya is already based over a decade in Berlin. Since 2009 with her hard work and determination she has seen quick rise through the techno scene. This being visible by her playing alongside most known and respected artist with gigs in New York, Spain, France and allover the world. She played many Times in Tresor and on coolest underground Parties. She found her support from producers like Perc, Bas Mooy, Rebekah, Steve Stoll, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker on several of her own releases.She released her first album for BCR in 2013. In 2014 she launched her own label ‘Corresponding Positions’. Followed by the successful growth of the project, she involved herself in supporting new faces of the scene by realising their fresh and powerful sounds. She shows her biggest passion to industrial techno but doesn’t keep her productions in one range. Different approach and experimental sounds are easily visible in her Live sets. With her enthusiasm to electronic music she continuous to learn and grow every day.

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Swedish/ Italian madwoman is a Berlin based selector & producer armed with a heavy artillery of hard-hitting and distinctive industrial sounds with psychedelic influences. She has released solid material on labels like Ismus, Brvtalist Sound Recordings and Khazad to name a few.

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EASTEL is dj, producer, live performer and founder of HeartsWhispers records. Resident of Eradys-records. In her live performances, she incorporates several classical instruments like piano, violin and trombone in order to express her unique style, which means melting different emotions and universes on a base of industrial techno. She recently made a remix of Paula Temple ‘s ”Joshua & Goliath” track on Noise Manifesto. She is supported by RyujiTakeuchi, Endlec, Neil Landstrumm and more. She has played in parties and emblematic venues in France such as the Rex Club, Concrete, in UK, Germany and Korea alongside artists such as Clouds, Perc, AnD and Snts to name a few. Also for United We Stream x Arte Concert alongside Manu Le Malin.

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Martina S is an Italian producer and dj, based in Barcelona (ES). She began her musical studies at the age of 10 in Milan, studying music theory and guitar, mastering her musical skills in the following 3 years with other musical instruments like bass and drums. From the age of 16 she played in different cover bands with different styles, going from funk to rock, blues to metal. She first entered in the electronic music environment in Milan using the name Dj Spurk, starting with a house sound and playing in different clubs such as Codice a Barre, Before and Borgo del Tempo Perso between 1997 and 2005. In 2006 she changes her style shifting it into a minimalistic and underground techno vibe that shecontinuously evolves in Barcelona, her new home town, in several parties such as Area 22, Code, Espais Actual d’Art, La Camara, Café Madeira and many more. From October 2016 she has published singles, EPs & remixes signed under labels such as Bach Music Rec., Sound on Sound Rec., Rebellious Rec., LDN Trax Rec., House Noise Recordings, Techno Vinyls Rec. and Coalition Records. In April 2018 Martina was nominated in the Alternative Power 100 Music List promoted by SheSaid.So, a global network of women working in the music industry. Later that year she becomes a resident in one of the most emblematic and famous techno underground club in Barcelona, The Club M7 and she makes her debut in one of the most important techno club of Berlin, the KitKatClub, playing for one of the most recognised collective of the German capital, Gegen Berlin, where she also becomes a resident.

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Esther Duijn’s sound is characterised by the legacy of techno and (acid) house music. Growing up in The Netherlands shaped Esther’s music as she absorbed the rich Dutch scene of the time. Having released on labels like Gegen Records, Coincidence Records, Toad Red Records, Fred P’s Soul People Music and Portuguese Exquisite Music, solo and also with her long-time production partner Steady Douglas as “Duijn & Douglas”, Duijn has shown her skill as a producer and a DJ, with over 30 (vinyl) releases under her belt. This has not gone unnoticed by the scene, earning her a residencial DJ slot at the mighty Tresor in Berlin and (regular) appearances at Gegen (KitKatClub), Pornceptual, De School, UNTER NYC, Freerotation Festival, Lantern Beijing, Gare Porto, Sisyphos, Bushwick A/V, Panoramabar and Trouw etc. In 2017 she was asked by Resident Advisor to do a tour in Australia together with Skatebård. Esther’s running a label, stream & events called “Another Earth” where she invited artists like German master Moritz Von Oswald, Tom Ellis & Anton Zap. The label features artists like Myles Serge, Duijn & Douglas, Hakim Murphy, Plural, Opuswerk, Lee Holman and herself of course. Every other month she hosts the Another Earth stream on Red Light Radio Amsterdam & HÖR Berlin. Esther loves to mix the old, the new, the rare, the deep and the raw parts of electronic dance music to brilliant effect, never compromising on the groove. Maintaining a steady flow while staying true to the roots of Chicago house and Detroit techno. Esther also draws influence from (acid) house & (acid) techno, ghettotech, hardcore, electro, breaks, ebm, disco and dub techno, having collected vinyls for over a decade now. Duijn cites her influences as Clone Records Rotterdam, Bunker Records Den Haag, Tresor Records, Warp Records, Daniel Bell, G-Man, Delta Funktionen, Umek (Zeta Reticula), Soulphiction, Stingray, Anthony Rother, G Flame (The Advent) and Steve Rachmad amongst others.

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Lady Maru started producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a tascam 4 track recorder. She becomes quickly active as a noise guitarist and casio player for post punk and no wave bands. Her dj career started djing in 2003 at Metaverso a small roman “cult “club and at underground raves and parties trying to combine 2 influences: post punk and techno. her actual sound as a producer and as a dj is mostly based on acid-techno with industrial and Ebm influences. She was resident at Amigdala party, a techno night that works and has worked in the best roman clubs and “interesting new” spaces (past Goa Club, Animal Social Club , now Rashomon, Rampa Prenestina) and she is resident at U-Kabarett, a techno night mixed with live performances and for some after-hours in the eastern part of the city. She recently gave birth to her own label “Acid Boiler Coalition” and works for various projects from dance to theatre and other performance field.

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Hybral is a Berlin-based non-binary DJ and producer starting to appear in the underground scene in the beginning of this year and is mixing and producing dark, hard, industrial, EBM and noisy driven techno. their sound is characterised by intense evolving atmospheres, pushing percussions and bass-lines as well as heavy distorted kicks. They believes that techno is political and thus they always have a political approach, not only by the representation as a queer dj and producer in the techno scene, but also in their track selection: Hybral tries to select and produce tracks that include political statements or theories. Hybral is also founder of „subverted”, a queer feminist podcast series that includes podcasts recorded by flint* djs only playing tracks by flint* producers with the aim to start a shift into a more equalised and diverse techno scene. They recently released their first EP´s on pure hate 000 and normative and has further releases planned on imminent records, crusade, persistent desire and vast perception.

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