Join us in empowering Latin American artist groups.

Art requires financial fundament and we would like to support a first selection of artists that drive local scenes independently and have an impact on the diversity and exposure of Latin American electronic music culture.

Monthly costs for artists are for example:

a) Bandcamp: 20USD – 50 USD monthly
b) Soundcloud: 14 USD to upload the music
c) European equipment standards (if online or offline) to make a good video recording
d) Design and music mastering
e) Travel Costs
f) Internet costs and even living costs to cover health insurance, medicine, etc.


You can donate via Paypal or make a photo of the QR Code image below and choose the amount you can give. We will share the income donated transparently every week through an online list.

3 USD | 5 USD | 10 USD or be a mega supporter and give more if you can via this Paypal link

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