CIRCA – A Radio show highlighting essential local actors from the world of Electronic Music in Latin America

CIRCA gives coordinates to locate something amidst a temporal flux in constant motion. We speak of a movement or a phenomenon CIRCA a specific timeframe, an approximation that helps us identify or circumscribe it. That’s the underlying principle of a project that essentially aims to provide an outlet for the wealth of music currently thriving in the Latin American territory as well as showcase the contingent of artists striving to make it happen in our day and time.

As a first encounter, the initiative between Rinse France & NSNS Magazine showed the power of joining efforts towards one specific cause: gathering local music scenes from the LATAM region and nurturing a space where they could present themselves and their communities freely.

Speaking about CIRCA, Mexico based NSNS and CIRCA founder S(GBA):

“It was around late April. I just travelled to Europe from Mexico City and had just started to build connections with a lot of artists when Covid-19 hit. A lot of projects in Europe came from the ground but non focussed with a space for Latin America. Rinse reached out and since I was about to start the project NSNS Magazine we talked about a 10 week program with 6h each week to curate a program.

CIRCA is curated together with local LATAM communities and was born to engage and accompany curious listeners and electronic music lovers in discovering the wealth of talent based in Latin America.”

The first season resulted in 9 weekly episodes with more than 40 hours of uncut video and audio material. CIRCA was able to broadcast a great mix of musical interpretations, heritages and forms, with a season final special show to be aired on 25 September 2020.

All material is available on Facebook, Youtube, Mixcloud and Soundcloud to relisten.

In order to support the arts and their makers across the continent, a fundraiser has been organised around the project with the goal of raising 5000 EUR. Closing the first season of the show, all the funds collected will be equally shared between the artists, collaborators and projects that participated in this season. CIRCA wants to keep their projects alive and productions running. Donations can be made HERE.

The Autumn session of the CIRCA show and all-new talent is to be announced shortly, continuing the delivery of its unique and forward-thinking music to Rinse France listeners.

Read about the list of artists and platforms that have contributed here.

You can donate via Paypal or make a photo of the QR Code image below and choose the amount you can give. We will share the income donated transparently every week through an online list.

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