Where are you based and what is the status quo there in the scene?

I am located at Colonia Obrera in Mexico City. At this moment (late March 2020), all public events are canceled or postponed because of a global pandemic that emerges. We’ve all noticed the fragility of the experience economy. This megalopolis has changed many of the lives who love music, interact and nurture the electronic scene here. It is normally a must stop within the DJ touring circuit of North America and maybe the crib of a more advanced syncretism that will allow electronic music to evolve; this in relation to the amalgamation of many cultures and it’s exponential growth as a hub for artists & events. Today the challenge is focused on the development of local networks of value production and support in a scenario of social distancing where club culture is diminished.

What are you looking forward to?

A lot of producers staying at home with canceled tours/gigs will make new exciting music, hopefully the electronic music industry will also change, we need to rethink how the festival model affect our local scenes, our expectations as music consumers and our environment. I believe in the importance and preservation of dance culture in urban spaces and in the design of an ideal promotion machine that permits artists, labels, promoters, venues & media to thrive without the normalization of their content.

What tracks do we find in your mix ?

You can find some old & new Turning Torso tracks; and several tracks rich in textures, FM  synthesis, house chords, dub delay sends, dreamy soundscapes and repetitive rhythms. I tried to listen to this mix for a second time while trying to sleep and it transported me into deep states of mind.

What tracks in the mix are special for you?

I remember Laurel Halo’s closing track in her DJ Set at CDMX, it has a powerful resonating ambient bass: https://mothersfinest.bandcamp.com/track/laurel-halo-hot-style

There is this Curvo’s hypnotic jam called Baby Alpaca Electric: https://soundcloud.com/curvoo/babyalpaca

Lee Gamble’s Saccades track is a mind-bending post d&b, vocoder journey: https://leegamble.bandcamp.com/track/saccades

When I envision music from the future it must sound like this one made by Kindohm, a music-maker & programmer: https://soundcloud.com/kindohm/lime

How do you feel at the moment ?

Fitter, happier, More productive Night bike rides help me to reduce the anxiety of this everlasting present shock and making music will always heal my soul.

If you could greet someone or send a digital shoutout to, who would it be and why?

I send kudos to Malitzin Cortes (CNDSD), Alvaro Castro (Curvo) & Fernando Díaz (Chiclosx, Nihilnimal) All of them are incredible human beings and also local artists making good music.

What mood of music or genre do you listen to at the moment in general?

I like the freeform tag in mixes & track releases but I’ve been listening labels like Collect Call, West Mineral, Motion Ward. I’m still reminiscent of Oli XL’s Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer.

I have been listening also a lot of Russian experimental music, artists like Vtgnike, OL & Flaty.