IMPRO/VISION by Monopolar

This episode Monopolar will cover in this show is old and new creative expressions in Jazz, made in Latin America. In this show he selected musicians from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia & Peru.

Track list:
1. Troker: Mezcal Alacrán (México, 2010)
2. Jaime Delgado Aparicio & Orquesta: Todo el mundo me persigue (Perú/Argentina 1965)
3. Héctor Rodríguez Quartet: Circunvolución (México, 2016)
4. Manuel Borda Trio: Danza (Colombia, 2001)
5. Jaime Delgado Aparicio Trío: Sayonara Blues (Perú, 1964)
6. Mariano Otero: Claroscuro (Argentina, 2004)

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