“São Paulo is a huge, intense and multicultural city… this recording was made capturing its essence through videos made out of bike rides and walks around the main spots of the busiest central areas during a holiday and everywhere was strangely empty due to the pandemic. Most of the locations are exactly where the street parties used to happen, and Tellexotica (MIWI) made her magic on the editing and motion graphics, no one could be better for this project than the visual/light jockey from Mamba Negra, which is the event with a very true expression of our culture where we both are residents. The result is a digital version of the audiovisual atmosphere of what we do at Mamba, and how we feel about our city. It’s a nostalgic and melancholic view of a city that was always hard to live in but also very beloved and unique, and the music follows the journey I experienced as a DJ since the beginning, combining break beats, IDM, techno, trance, and electro, sometimes uplifting and other times dark and intense, as the city itself. Perfect to watch on a big screen wherever you are waiting for the world to come back.”

Video Work: Miwi

Combining the sounds of Detroit techno, acid, disco, house and electro, São Paulo-based DJ and producer Amanda Mussi works hard to bring something fresh and novel to the scene by creating a captivating and diverse atmosphere on the dance-floor. Amanda is known as a strong presence in the queer underground music scene in São Paulo where she has been holding her monthly party Dûsk for the past 5 years. She also regularly plays as a resident at some of the best events in her home city: Mamba Negra, Dando, House of Divas and as a guest at Capslock, Tantsa, DGTL festival and many others. Amanda has taken her sounds on the road to many cities and events around Brazil and the world, like Sequence Club in Asunción (Paraguay), New York’s infamous and best-regarded parties Unter and Jack Dept., Chile, Argentina, Stockholm, Moscow, Budapest at LARM club and to Berlin at Buttons ://Aboutblank and for the second time at Berghain, on the main floor. Her first EP is coming out on Renato Cohen’s legendary label Massa Records in Brazil, and another release is in the works on the Paraguayan label LPZ Records. In between, Amanda runs the .alt bookings agency, a collective dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges in South America’s underground scene; this new platform allows her to collaborate with other artists such as Cashu in São Paulo, Ananda in Rio de Janeiro, Victoria Mussi in Asunción, and Volvox in New York.

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