CIRCA gives coordinates to locate something amidst a temporal flux in constant motion. We speak of a movement or a phenomenon CIRCA a specific timeframe, an approximation that helps us identify or circumscribe it. That’s the underlying principle of a project that essentially aims to provide an outlet for the wealth of music currently thriving in the Latin American territory as well as showcase the contingent of artists striving to make it happen in our day and time. As a first encounter, the initiative between Rinse France & NSNS Magazine showed the power of joining efforts towards one specific cause: gathering local music scenes from the LATAM region and nurturing a space where they could present themselves and their communities freely. In 9 weeks we invited different communities to curate between 4h and 6h their own program on @rinsefrance. All donations will go to the following groups equally:

CIRCA 1: @jukemx (Mexico)
CIRCA 2: @monopolarofficial (Peru)
CIRCA 3: @insurgentes__ (Colombia)
CIRCA 4: @acaptcha (Brazil)
CIRCA 5: @kenya20hz/@anexoprojeto (Brazil)
CIRCA 6: @totofriedlaender (Chile)
CIRCA 6: @cstcscstcs (Chile)
CIRCA 7: @bluerojo23x (Mexico)
CIRCA 7: @lagorilarecords (Mexico)
CIRCA 8: @pervert_mx (Mexico)
CIRCA 9: @edicionesdanzanegra (Colombia)
CIRCA 9: @g13ck / @nawalrecords (Mexico)
CIRCA 10: @s_g_b_a / @endemicoagency_ (Mexico, Berlin) & @gabrieleadmv (Communication)




Videos from Archive: