OCTOBER 16, 2020
LEAD IMAGE Photography by FOLD


The project Community Effects is a label and music archive within NSNS Magazine. The program results from conversations with initiatives, projects, and collaborations with other platforms and collectives that we share with our listeners. We bring people together in our recorded talks, united by a passion for music for an unusual experience.

With a special on our musical home Rinse France we talked to someone very inspiring, Lasha aka Voicedrone running partly Fold, a community and place that became an important platform for local music from London. The project worked before the pandemic as a magnet for a rave focussed environment that didn’t have a home as well as for a lot of communities gravitating around this. S(GBA) got in conversation with Lasha about the current state of the project, how the community had to adapt to the situation, how the new release of resident Gareth Wild came together (playing a 1,5h new music), and the latest statement by the government towards nightlife culture that makes life even more difficult in the UK.


FOLD has made a name for itself since opening, and it’s the combined effort between FOLD and Unfold events that have put them on the map. With a decline in Sunday day parties across the city, Unfold is the perfect antidote for dance music lovers who want connection and experience.

A new institution for the arts based in the heart of East London’s, Canning Town. Home to music and creative studios and a 500 capacity state-of-the-art performance space.

FOLD’s journey since has been one characterised by diligence, a project built by the creative hearts and hardworking hands of the small team around it. This only begins with their bookings, which have been adventurous since the start.

It seeps further into their marathon parties, the studios open for artists to use during the week, and the policies in place to keep the dancefloor a safe, inclusive space on the weekend. But above all, it comes down to the community they’ve built in the space of a year, transforming this pocket of Canning Town into a living, breathing and continually evolving ecosystem. Lasha, the club’s resident, puts it best: “FOLD is a shelter, a house for many beautiful souls so that they can come find their place.”

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Gareth Wild Common Assault EP Label: Fold Records Cat no: FLD001 Release Date: November 2nd