Acaptcha is a meaningful name to know from the Brazilian electronic music scene. Not just with her outstanding music productions, owning her craft and passion does she grow within herself with every project and piece she participates in. As a key member close to the community and link to all kinds of projects around her, Acapthca’s artistic sight is inspired by Brazil’s soil. The North, West, South, East is where she is looking at and connecting with. Meeting point A-Mig, Veneno Live, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo as the metropolis to keep spinning the web. In all of this, Covid-19 is a hurdle but won’t stop her to do her work. She was one of the first artists S(GBA) got to talk to in the preparation phase of Circa Season 1 where the conversation took place back in mid-May 2020.

“I think the most important part about A-MIG is that people from other states of Brazil can send some material and we search for these people because it’s very difficult to find them” – Acaptcha

A:  The people working in the scene are very disorientated. It’s all very confusing because I think that nobody knows where to go now, in this pandemic. I have a friend that has to move away because he cannot stay in Sao Paulo, and I think this is one of the most common scenes. People cannot stay in Sao Paulo because they can’t survive. Here it is difficult, the government is terrible. I dont work only with parties and electronic music, I also do programming so I’m in another situation. I can work. But the context of most people in Brazil is difficult because there is no way to survive in big cities. People have to move out. Now I think there are a lot of live streams that people don’t know, but I think no one is making money with the streams.

A: You’re in Mexico, no?

S: Right now under lockdown in Berlin at a friend’s house in Neukölln, so no. We are a small family, with another friend, his little daughter, girlfriend, and fluffy dog but usually do I live in Mexico City.  I work a lot with Mexico at the moment and it’s similar to what you’re saying. They have a lot of collectives but Europeans don’t really know much about it. But with clubs or platforms like Yuyu or Naafi, they’re the projects that breakthrough bigger audiences. Also Onda Mundial…

A: The style is not very general. We hear different styles of house, techno… Here in Brazil we have folk but it changes according to the region of the country. We have the Rio de Janeiro folk (funk) which is different from the São Paulo funk and the north part of Brazil is different, completely another thing. Belo Horizonte is also different. Electronic music is like this! When you hear it you can perceive it. Belo Horizonte is very minimal, for example, focused on the little things, there are not so many elements in the music. In the north, there is another style of electronic music.