Chama for CIRCA presents Ana Lira feat. Marta Supernova, Suelen Mesmo and Libra

Episode 19 with Ana Lira feat.

Marta Supernova, Suelen Mesmo

and Libra

CHAMA is an artistic experience dedicated to Negro-descendant, Afro-Amerindian/Ameafrican poetics of diaspora and its expressions through sonorous, celebrative, sensorial and written means. We have created, mapped, articulated and disseminated creative processes and everyday sensibilities of the people engaged in these interactions.

The objective is to open discussion/conversation to investigate how the poetics of diaspora migrate to many places around the world, disseminating their codes through diverse creative expressions of the people who survived the slave trade. In CHAMA, creative practices dialogue with everyday practices, awakening connections with the place of creation, of strength and of retrofit of languages that use sensoriality, perception, body, orality and narratives, without imposing colonial processes of translation.

This way, poetry and music – in their varied forms of expression throughout diaspora – find the path to sound systems, to DJS, to experimental and community Radios, to soirées, to groups, to celebrations and festivities, producing new sensorial fields for the body in each migration. These are experiences in different languages, challenging attempts to establish a universal standard and proposing increasingly complex answers to our existence.

From Recife, Ana Lira exchanges her research on musicality of diaspora and experimental radio with DJ and artist Marta Supernova from Rio de Janeiro, with DJ Suelen Mesmo a member of Coletivo Turmalina from Porto Alegre and artist and DJ Libra, a member of Scapa project.

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Ana Lira

Ana Lira (Caruaru 1977, based in Recife – Pernambuco – Brasil)

Ana is a visual artist, curator, radio host, writer and editor based in Recife. She is a member of the Black Art Collective – Carne and a specialist on Theory and Critique of Culture. Her practice is based on collective projects and partnerships, having worked with them for more than two decades in an intent to strengthen creative and political collaborative practices. She studies (in)visibility as a form of power and dedicates attention to dynamics involving day-today sensibilities.

Her work was shown in the exhibitions Bienal 12 (Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2020), (Four Flags (S.o Paulo/Brazil, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020), Devenires (Mexico City, Mexico, 2020), Narrativas em Processo: Livros de Artista na Coleç.o Itaú Cultural (Recife, Brazil, MAMAM, 2019); Livro Livre (Arles, France, 2019); Manjar: para habitar liberdades (Rio de Janeiro, Solar dos Abacaxis, 2019); 36th Panorama of Brazilian Art: Sert.o (S.o Paulo, MAM, 2019); A  Nordeste (Sesc 24 de Maio, S.o Paulo, Brazil, 2019); Entremoveres (Museu da Aboliç.o, Recife, Brazil, 2019); Os da Minha Rua (MAB, Recife, Brazil, 2018), Art, Democracy, Utopia (MAR, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2018-2019), As Bandeiras da Revoluç.o: Pernambuco 1817-2017 (Política da Arte 2017 – Fundaj 2017), Agora somos todxs negrxs? [Now Are We All Black?] (Videobrasil – 2017), N.o- Dito (CAL, Brazilia, 2019; CCBEU/MABEU, Belém, Pará, 2017; CCI, Recife – 2015), which was awarded the Prêmio Funarte de Arte Contemporânea 2015, part of the touring program of Fundaç.o Nacional das Artes (Funarte) 2015/2016, in Brazil. She has also exhibited in shows and exhibitions such as Aparelhamento (S.o Paulo – 2016), Fotos Contam Fatos (Galeria Vermelho, S.o Paulo – 2015/2016); the touring exhibition of the 31a Bienal de S.o Paulo (Paço das Artes, Belo Horizonte – 2015 / Museu de Serralves, Porto, Portugal – 2015/2016); in the program Raízes e Asas (SESC VITRINE, Sesc Santana, S.o Paulo, 2015); Slides (Feira Plana, S.o Paulo, 2016); in the Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Porto Alegre (Fest Foto Poa, Margs, 2015), in the 31st Bienal de S.o Paulo (S.o Paulo, 2014); Marés (Sesc Sergipe, Aracaju, 2013 – Trotamundos Coletivo); and Linguagens 2008 (Museum do Estado de Pernambuco, Recife, 2008).

She developed special projects in the residence programs such as Delfina Foundation/Instituto Incluzartis London (2019) and Rio de Janeiro (2020); Art and Activism in Latin America (May – June 2018) Despina Rio de Janeiro. Project developed with the support of the Dutch organization Prince Claus Fund. Third edition. Dissent And Destruction as its main theme guiding a series of occupations, workshops, talks, film screenings, exhibitions and public talks. Residência S.o Jerônimo (Nov 2016 – Feb 2017). Artistic residency organized by the artist Alexandre Sequeira. Belém, Pará, Brazil. Program focused on projects about permanence, impermanence, memory, affection and the city. ENA (Sept 2017). Residency program organized by the artist Eustáquio Neves, in Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The project presented part of the investigation for project Terrane, including visits to local mason women’s experiences in the region. In the second semester of 2019, she will be developing a project in Delfina/Incluzartis residence program in London.

She is the author of Mandalla (Artist’s book, Retratografia, 2019); Voto, published by Pingado Prés, in 2014 (1st ed.) and 2015 (2nd ed. – Translated). Terrane (Retratografia, 2018) an artist’s book and digital edition produced in collaboration with Claudia Oliveira, Luzia Simões and Lourdes da Silva. Her works are also found at Outras fotografias na arte brasileira séc. XXI, of Editora Cobogó, compiled by Isabel Diegues; in Jornal de Borda (Ed. 02 and 03), of Ediciones Costeñas/Tenda de Livros; Ateliê Publique-se V.5, organized by Livrinho de Papel Finíssimo; and of collection Linguagens 2008. She developed the collective experimental radio project Geléia Geral/Música Brasilis in Brazil (Recife, 2004 – 2006). In 2018 she also participated in the project I am Because We Are held by Arendse Krabbe and Camila Rocha Campos. The result of the experience was presented in a radio program broadcasted in Denmark among activists and immigrants through The Bridge Radio, financed by the Danish Arts Council in partnership with o Capacete. She also participated of collective experiences such as Projeto Quarantine (2020), #1 inBox (Gravidade Art Magazine, Brazil, 2019) and movies such as [projetotorresgemeas] (Brazil, 2011) e Eleições: crise de representaç.o (Brazil, 2012).

Marta Supernova

Marta Supernova (Rio de Janeiro, 1994)

Marta is a multimedia artist, DJ, music producer, percussionist co-host on Radio Lapa 55 and moviemaker in Rio de Janeiro. She develops her own language through the crossing over of music and contemporary art. An active voice in the black collectives and Queer scene, Marta reaffirms the electronic culture movement as a safe zone for the sense of belonging and creation. Her work conceives possibilities of reading the world’s structures. The body and materialization of the work goes from community care and agency to visual and sound experimentations.

Her trajectory evidences outstanding moments. For example:

in between 2013 and 2018, she worked as rhythmist for Samba Schools, such as Imperatriz Leopoldinense, Salgueiro, Estácio de Sá and worked with direct sound for Maria Augusta Ramos’ film “O Processo”.

As an artist in the collective articulation Am., she contributed to the development of the work “Política Pública” for the exhibition “Arte, Democracia, Utopia – quem não luta tá Morto” (MAR, RJ, 2018).

She designed and created the work “Deslocador Ativador – Aparição 1” with collective Agir e Cuidar in the intervention-act “Noite Estranha: cuidado, convivência e agência” (Despina, RJ, 2018) in which she was also a co-author;

Her work Tríptico Panfletário”, with contribution of the Agir e Cuidar collective, was shown at EAV Parque Lage, Despina, Espaço Saracura and Centro Municipal de Artes Hélio Oiticica (Rio de Janeiro, 2018 / 2019); “Côr P.”, a series of self-portraits, was shown both at the collective exhibition “Noite”, organized by Nacional Trovoa (CMAHO, RJ, 2019) and at the exhibition “Desordem Ordinária”, organized by Cooperativa de Mulheres Artista, with Keyna Eleison and Ana Dantas’( Largo Das Artes, RJ, 2019) curatorship;

Her multimedia work “Deslocador / Ativador do Agir” was shown at “Sobre a Potência da presença”, final project of the Rede Nami para Mulheres Afroameríndias visual arts study group, with Keyna Eleison’s (Museu da República, RJ, 2019) curatorship;

“Queermuseu”, education department exhibition, under curatorship of Ulisses Carrilho ( EAV Parque Lage, 2018);

”Noite Estranha: Cuidado, convivência e agência” (Despina, RJ, 2018), interventionact; “Trama”, exhibition under Loli Britto’s curatorship and presented within exhibition. “Plural A Caju encontra a Aymoré” (Galeria Aymoré, RJ, 2019); “Aberta” (CMAHO, RJ, 2019), exhibition and residence.

Bienal 12 (Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2020)

Marta was also part of the Fórum de Performance Negra (2019, MAR and Odeon, RJ) with a video art work entitled “A realidade é esta folha”. In the Programa CCBB-RJ Educativo (2019), “Lugar de Criação”, she developed the workshop “Argila e Água”. Between 2018 and 1019, she offered the Pequena .frica community “Encontros de Vídeo e Convívio” and “Encontros de argila, vídeo e convívio”, video, clay and experience within Lanchonete<>Lanchonete (RJ) device. Marta was one of the artist in the Arte Sônica Amplificada do Oi Futuro (2019 / 2020) residence program. In 2019, she was a resident at both ENA, in Diamantina (MG), under the Eustáquio Neves’ supervision and at Aberta Residência (CMAHO, RJ), where she showed “Tríptico Panfletário”, as participant of the Agir e Cuidar collective and where she distributed the book “Chamada Aberta”, a Am. collective work.

In 2020, she opened her “Audiovisualsound” art studio, where she develops work on contemporary art, electronic and experimental music, disco, research and cinema. Festa da Marta, a celebration space, is one of the action of the studio. Still in the intersection between the dancefloor and contemporary art, she founded with Annica Malaquita the duo Pedra Pome, responsible for a number of sound-installation performances, such as:

“Cada Um Tem Um Mar” at “Varanda Sonora”, under Saulo Laudares and Franz Manata’s (2019, EAV, RJ) curatorship;trans-mediatic project Vitascópio – “Carismáticos” at “Subcena” ( Audio Rebel, RJ, 2019),

Vitascópio – “Crú” e “Minimal” at Party 0001 (RJ, 2018 – 2019) and at Surra de Unha / AQ das Bixas (Esponja, SP, 2019),

Vitascópio – “Crú” and “Desapagamentos” at the afro-futuristic party Mariwo (RJ, 2019) and at the art performance event “Corpo Interrogatório”, with Grupa (Galeria Carambola, RJ, 2019) curatorship.

As founder and member of Cooperativa de Mulheres Artistas, she exhibited the sound sculpture “Pelas Vesânias do Ar” at “Uso da Imagem”, under curatorship of Keyna Eleison (collective exhibition in partnership with Trovoa-RJ); “INTER-ERUP..O”, collective performance within “’Um berro, um sussurro” program at Biblioteca do Parque Lage (RJ, 2019), and at “Conduta” ( Experiencia Mesa, RJ, 2019). In her work as DJ, she played in diverse parties such as Gop Tun, The Lot Radio x Lapa 55, Domply, Coro.Fundo, Baile do Encanto, Dissolve, 0000010001I, O/nda and Mariwo. In the Encerramento Curso de Deformação EAV (RJ, 2019) she performed as DJ and as Beatmaker, accompanying singer, artist and performer Lou Pipa.

In addition to her work on the dance floor, she keeps a radio program with artist Jéssica Senra, “Todo Mundo Cogita”, at online radio Lapa 55. In the Internet field, she participated in the “Podcast #1 AFRO HOUSE, with Marta Supernova”, backed by Escola de Mistérios (RJ, 2020); developed an Overcast and a Playlist for Troop Project (Florianópolis, 2020), the Playlist “Marta Supernova Microondas”, for Acervo (RJ, 2020), recorded a DJ Set for online radio Na Manteiga (SP, 2019) and contributed to the content channel LGBTQIA+ Latino americano Aberta with a DJ Set and podcast (SP, 2019).

Suelen Mesmo (Cachoeirinha, 1996, based in Porto Alegre)

Suelen Mesmo has been a DJ and producer since 2014. She is involved with projects with transformative potential, focused on the emancipation of invisible groups. She was engaged in the production of artist residence Casa Frasca and of Festa Boca, with participation of Alice Caymmi, Linn da Quebrada, MC Tha as well as of local artists. She is a member of Coletivo Turmalina, a platform that articulates criadores negrxs (black creators), dialoguing with electronic music research and production, while inquiring about the presence and importance of black bodies in parties and collectives scenes of Porto Alegre.

In 2020, she was invited to project Chama as part of the Bienal 12 (Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil). In 2019, she co-produced, side by side with Sérgio Barsotti (Coletivo Plano), the Laboratório de Mixagem em CDJ. The project monitored two months of occupation and of the artistic residence As Coisas Que São Ditas Antes, supported by Casa Baka. Still in 2019, she created the platform entitled GIRLS JAM, which promotes female artists in the dancefloor + show format. In 2020, she shared her research with Veneno Live, A-MIG and RÁDIO VIRUS, respectively. He has played with collectives from Porto Alegre, such as Plano and Greta, in the party Vorlat and was a resident with Céu de Verão, on Rio Grande do Sul.

In the sets, she seeks to celebrate afro rhythms by connecting classical groove/rap/R&B to the funk roots and to the axé in afro beat remarkable sound. She has also divided line with Francisco el Hombre, Saskia, Motherfunky, Superv.o among others.

Find Suelen Mesmo on Instagram | Soundcloud

Libra (Olinda, 1997)

Libra is an audiovisual artist from Pernambuco working both in the music scene and in film productions. As an Olinda resident, she has always hung out in the historical site of the city and has always been influenced by music from diverse origins. Raised as a catholic adolescent, she learned from a very early age how to play the guitar and studied musical theory for some time within this religious context. However, throughout her artistic and personal processes relating to the body, she released herself from certain “ties” and discovered which sensitive platforms she could work on to express herself. Today, in her work, music is a means of treating anxiety, dance and discourse within her sound experience, built from her electronic research.

As a DJ since 2016, she started playing in pop and funk music parties, but she soon realized she wanted to go deeper into her selections and set constructions. Electronic music is the basis of her research, which inquiries into musical dimensions such as House, Techno, Breakbeat and Afrobeat music. Her set structure is a memorable trait of her performance style, full of interventions and mixings that take the public into diverse sound environments. One of her main references are the dissenting languages built by artists in Brazil and worldwide. In that sense, she relates to the diaspora, when she thinks of rhythms that recover afro Latin styles in intersection with more progressive selections. The “Guetto Club” productions also become a starting point with use of Bregafunk Mcs’ vocals in more broken and synthetic instrumental music.

She founded SCAPA, a collective dedicated to festive and informative productions, led by racialized minds, where she performs in “Back2Back” with Anti Ribeiro, a co-founder. The duo represents the collective in performances such as in the Incidências Sonoras Project, by the IN/OUT Swiss Festival. In addition to this, she is a residing DJ in the electronic music project entitled Batestaca and in the Nbomb party. She has already played in the main festivals in the state of Pernambuco, such as in No Ar Coquetel Molotov 2018, in the Oitavo Encontro de Artes Urbanas P.o e Tinta, in the MECAFestival, in 2019 and, more recently, in the REcBEat Festival, as part of the 2020 Carnival Program in Recife. She has also performed in Jo.o Pessoa and Maceió, two other major cities in the Northeast of Brazil. During the pandemic, she has taken her sets to various other locations in Brazil and overseas, such as Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, S.o Paulo, Campinas and New York (EUA).

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