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OUT NOW: Orieta Chrem – Anfibio in collaboration with video artist Giselle Angeles aka Fragmantista (In​-​Correcto 056: El Sudaca Contraataca Vol .IV)

OCTOBER 30, 2020


El Sudaca Contraataca, a series by the Colombian label In-Correcto, returns for its fourth compilation. As the first single to be announced the Peruvian producer Orieta Chrem releases Anfibios. Visuals are provided by Fragmatista, a current project of Peruvian born and New York-based animator Giselle Ángeles. 

Anfibio manages to unite various musical genres, where strong influences of bass and reggaeton music are to find. The sound close to be ambient aims to approaching pop in its melodies. One of the peculiarities of this track are the textures of the percussions. These were recorded in Mexico City and come from Grizzy, who is part of the National Beatbox Championship of the country. Also involved in the percussions is the British artist, Hobbit, who is under the top 16 global artists in the Beatboxing’s solo category.

Asking Gieselle about the source of her creation for the video the artist says: “Amphibians were the first vertebrate animals to adapt to a semi-terrestrial life. Unlike the rest of the vertebrates, they are distinguished by undergoing a transformation during their development (metamorphosis). The video and the song refer to the adaptability and transformation that the beings of this planet require to live in the best way the new era that began. At the beginning of the video, an axolotl is seen inside a bubble, representing its limitations and possible fears, later breaking free of that barrier and transforming, adapting, conform—¨ Previously participating in the Mutek audiovisual festival; this is Gieselles’ latest work for musicians.

In​-​Correcto 056: El Sudaca Contraataca Vol .IV

1. Ana María Romano G. – Con el deseo a flor de calle
2. Orieta Chrem con Grizzy y Hobbit – Anfibio 04:53
3. Mamíferos – Pedazos
4. Santiago Navas y La Muchacha – Las Hierbas
5. Las Hermanas – Dab Rey
6. Lu Zero – Naturaleza Futurista (out beat)
7. Microhm – Dealer
8. DJ Pai – El poder de los sueños
9. Mav Nuhels – Tierra de náufragos y naufragios
10. Rizomagic – Fandan’goni
11. Julián Mayorga – Las urracas
12. Mercurio frente al Sol – Brillante como el nácar
13. Zoroxxe – Sin título

To learn more about the compilation and label download the press release or go to the official Bandcamp page

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