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LATAM x 10 Tracks: Mekas [Chaosmos Records]

Ahead of the forthcoming release of his label Chaosmos, we decided to enter along with Argentinian DJ and producer Mekas, the bionic bubble metropolis of electro produced in Latin America.

October 7, 2020
TEXT Cristian Herreira

“Futurhythmachines turn the extended capability of machines into supersensory powers. Electro is this crossfire of ‘unrelated cross-rhythms’ that intersect independently from each other”. Electro expels you from the world and drags you into the universe of the track. It offers a robotic electricity, frequencies of speech filtered in a phonic ultimatum. In extraterrestrial electro, the vocoder is pure unconscious, sensation of vertigo, non-human extremes of high/low frequencies. At the high end of the spectrum, the electro’s voice is a malicious gremlin. At the bottom, it is the voice of fate pronouncing the order to die”.

Anyone who has immersed themselves thoroughly in the forays of sonic fiction posed by Kodwo Eshun will surely embrace these aforementioned fragments in an almost biblical way. In his renowned book More brilliant than the sun, the great British-Ghanaian writer and essayist proposes a dystopian scenario in which the genre known as electro becomes the ideal simulator of “a war without weapons”. In this framework, the synthesizer becomes the most powerful of the sonic weapons, capable of affecting any nerve and muscle that could exist in the human anatomy.

This cybernetic sonic fiction has also found a suitable systematic sequence on the Buenos Aires label Chaosmos, a new member of the LATAM circuit since last May. At the head of his command is Juan Tomás Roselló, who has operated over the years under the pseudonym Mekas. After returning to his native Argentina after a long period of living in the German capital, he decides to collate what he experienced in the first world of electronics, with the sonic inputs offered by this living dystopia called Latin America.

With Chaosmos, Mekas brings a new fury to this genre of convulsions and mechanical souls. More than an acronym for chaos and cosmos, the label resequences broken atmospheres and sensory capacities. Here the intention is separated from the result, and it is transhumanism who takes part in this machinic stir.

Under the forthcoming release of Chaosmos, the fourth in its catalog, we decided to enter along with Mekas the bionic bubble metropolis of electro produced in Latin America.

Mekas Picks:

Zed Kappa – “Mist Theme”’
Album: Red Key
Label: Woods N Bass Records

I still remember what I felt the first time I listened to the album, it seemed extremely fresh and inspiring, classic but very special. The whole album is excellent. Electro and IDM tonalities, neo-detroit nostalgia with 808 settings. I used this track many times, and its effectiveness remains intact. It is the musical project of Santiago Merino that I like the most.

Julianna – “Viaje al Meridiano”
Album: VA – Austral
Label: Nótt Records

Julianna is an electro’s South American ambassador. For those who have not seen her yet, her Boiler Room in Bogotá is a masterpiece. I played this track regularly in gigs and also a podcast. It is a very solid, tight groove and sharp tension in the high frequencies.

Ngly – “Defekt”
Album: Despertar: Chile
Label: Independent

Notable producer from Buenos Aires, this track is part of the compilation “Despertar”, which was published at the end of 2019 to raise funds for the Chilean people, due to the social outbreak resulting from inequality and the economic crisis. I played this track many times, it is fierce and powerful, its electro-mechanical synthesizers magically flow with dizzying vocals. Safety pin.

Mekas – “Skal Dromo”
EP: Empty City
Label: Chaosmos Records

“Skal Dromo” is the closing track of the second release: Empty City. It is a fundamental part of the imaginary artillery of Chaosmos Records. It is inspired by a collection of cyberpunk books and articles that I acquired in recent years. The label’s catalog is the electro-dystopian framework of my musical subjectivity, and the technical procedures I employ are the sonic reflection of these ideas.

Parco Palaz – “Sword”
Album: Surface
Label: Akoya Circles

Colombian-Swiss label Akoya Circles recently released a highly recommended album by Parco Palaz. A nice combination of electro, IDM, and breaks. I personally choose ‘Sword’, because it is a track that fits perfectly in my selection for a set. It unleashes an encouraging dose of electro-cybernetic for a dancefloor. The cover art is exceptional and the release is distributed by Clone.

NSNS picks

Gladkazuka – “Oscuro”
EP: Mucha Pimienta
Label: Ediciones Danza Negra

Without a doubt, Colombia’s machine-driven funk and electro master. For more than a decade, Gladkazuka has spiced up with hot paisa pepper some of the most incredible 808 recipes in the game. Working along Matías Aguayo and the Cómeme gang, Gregorio Gómez has paved the way for a whole new generation of Medellín sonic explorers.

MC Primo – “Diretoria – (Vocoder Só de Blindão)” Single
Label: Free download edit

RHR is nothing but straight Brazilian electro, baile funk, and favela roots. São Paulo rawness at it’s best. If you haven’t listened to anything put out by these three letters, just check out his last year’s conspiracy with Miami’s don, Danny Daze, on his own OMNIDISC.

SPÆCIALISTA – “Pandemic Dance (Estado Crítico Remix)”
Album: Pacta Sunt Servanda
Label: Pildoras Tapes

Argentina and Colombia come across through the almighty Pildoras Tapes to articulate a true audio-manifesto filled with anger and indignation. Bogotá’s electro conspirator and activist SPÆCIALISTA gives the pilot command to the mysterious Buenos Aires spawn Estado Crítico. The result: a slow-mo sci-fi burner that displays the despair of a continent reluctant to change.

Filmmaker – “Cryogen”
Album: Various
Label: Independent

As you read in the first comment, “The lord of dark synths has blessed us again”. One of South America’s finest strikes once more, this time with a forceful compilation that showcases what Filmmaker know’s how to do best. “I compiled these tracks originally released on multiple labels and V.A. albums, any support is appreciated”. “Cryogen” will definitely make you show some love.

Kinkid – “Nano Nectar”
Album: V.Acina vol. 1
Label: Gop Tun

Released a couple of months ago, V.Acina vol. 1 can be seen as one of the most complete compilations the Latin American landscape has seen in recent times. Curated by the renowned Gop Tun collective, these 32 tracks showcase the broadest spectrum of Brazilian independent electronic music. Among them, “Nano Nectar” stands out as a true dancefloor killer: electro carioca maneuvered by one of the cities most respected frontmen: Jose Hesse.

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