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JAZZ&AFROPERU: A Conversation through Monopolar

With a heavy but open heart do we follow and support the peaceful protest for a non-devided world. We want to contribute with a piece that brings light on the rich and beautiful Afro-Peruvian culture in the field of Latin American Jazz, and hope to remind about the strong elements, a healthy and loving togetherness has.

Peruvian born and Mexico-City based artist Monopolar did a 1h special coversation pointing out a strong afro-descendt influence, based on two artists that blend both cultures in their works.

words by Steve (German by accident)

Statement Monopolar:

“Like for everybody else in the world, these are difficult times for we Peruvian people. Although it seemed that our government did the right thing in terms of prevent as much as it can be prevented on the verge of the COVID-19 outbreak in our country, it wasn’t enough. Such as unpredictable situation overwhelmed a country that is poorly prepared in terms of health infrastructure and assistance resources for the population under the poverty line, which is the vast majority. We musicians, as part of the community, want to stay positive because our craft ultimately can bring hope and relief to suffering people, some of the members of our families and friends. It’s never late to use every single opportunity like this to raise awareness on the original music of Peru, coming from the afroperuvian black communities from the coast, the Quechua, and other indigenous communities from the Andes and the amazonian vast culture. Not only because we Peruvians owe to them everything that makes us special in terms of artistic achievements, but, sadly, because those are the communities that are suffering the most because racism, colonial mindset and exclusion that prevail in our Peruvian state of things, no matter we are close to being 200 years an “independent” nation. We musicians are here to not let this be forgotten.”

JAZZ&AFROPERU: A Conversation with Monopolar


Art requires financial fundament and we would like to support a first selection of artists that drive local scenes independently and have an impact on the diversity and exposure of Latin American electronic music culture.


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