The Editor’s letter.

Dear Reader, 

Long ago I have started to reflect on conditions and the motivation of practices and works by artists surrounding me. NSNS presents stories and people that we met and got to know starting last year around July 2019 onwards. After a long time of observation, researching, learning, discussing, fighting and meeting people we found our ethos. Never Stop Never Stopping (short NSNS) became a music-inspired return to what really deserves attention i. e. humanity.

We built a team and small clique in Mexico City around NSNS, mainly from the people around the local electronic music scene, each with their main work in other major projects happening in the city to make money, but still all related to music. And by many and long conversations over several months and topics we established a vision. 

Thanks to the help and openness of the artists, we share a collection of wonderful and deep conversations. Conversations that show music as a universal common ground, one of those “cultural forces” that bring people together. While our topics and interviews aim to transcend borders and divisions we entered a universe with a wide range of humans and beautiful minds.  

The topics are all timeless and not tied to a release or a special occasion. The special occasion was to get to know each other and listen to the mind whose art we are experiencing. Since then, the idea and the magazine has been developed with friends and artists from all over the world.

The urgency for in-depth topics and conditions of the environment has never been more crucial because we explore, experience and connect through art on the one hand, but study, create and invent on the other hand. An environmental circulation bonded to community effects and economical structures in which we work and live together.

To what degree was the intention of the artist what we would call “aesthetic” or to what degree expressive? And to what degree is the art something that they had simply learned to do that way? We are interested in those questions and will study those. If you call yourself an artist or something different, anyone reading and feeling empathy in our interviews, will find different answers.

Above all, NSNS is a living phenomenon, a process, and a journey to somewhere better.

As Stenny says: ”that’s the way! If you love something you have to take care of it!”.

That is what we want to do for and with you. Care, listen and share. 

With love and excitement,

Sophie (Editor in Chief)

As an independent platform producing and creating our content in a small team of freelancers, we are asking for your help to keep our independence alive. If you feel our community has an impact and gives interesting ideas and answers to you, then it would be wonderful to also have you on board with some support.


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