Round Table with arts and their makers from around the world.

A studio and artist agency that consolidates a small vein of Latin America and the world in the realm of music and the arts.

Program only about arts and their makers from Latin America.

Supporter and Partner of CIRCA’s and NSNS Magazine’s content. 

call for papers

Since its very origin, NSNS has always been meant to be a two sided conversation. That is why we have launched our permanent Call for Papers and Visual Arts: a space where you can share your experiences and ideas materialized in the form of text (articles, poetry, essays, creative written word genres) and visual arts (painting photography, filmmaking, music releases). Feel free to send us your topics, ideas or suggestions. 

How long does it takes to we get back to you

We do our best to answer every submission we are receiving. Please bare with us once you have sent us a message. Our Team will be in touch with you within a week max. 

Donations to NSNS

Please keep in mind that we are an independent platform and need your support in order to keep our content running. Become a supporter and help to stabilize our infrastructure through a small amount. Our costs are: translations, contributors, editors, internet accounts like Mixcloud, Adobe Illustrator, Soundcloud etc. starting from 3 USD via Paypal. If you care, share 🙂 


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